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最小化 最大化
  Prof. Zhixun Luo  


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         State key Laboratory for structural chemistry of unstable and stable species,
Institute of Chemistry,Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  Zhongguancun North First Street #2, Beijing, 100190,China
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最小化 最大化

Known as a tiny collection of atoms which form relatively stable sub-microscopic aggregates, clusters are ideal systems for observing quantum effect and studying the initial state in forming macroscopic matter; and are associated with many chemical reactions and material-changing processes, such as catalysis, combustion, crystal nucleation & growth, etc. We endevour to gain knowledge of metal clusters through gas-phase chemistry and bridge with that of condensed phase dynamics pertaining to wet synthesis, soft-landing deposition and assembly. We study metal cluster reactivity and explore superatoms for genetic materials.

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最小化 最大化